Welcome to Ginger & Zimt Boutique!

Hello!!!  My name’s Ginger Zimtbaum, I’m an Independent LuLaRoe Retailer and the Owner & Stylist of Ginger & Zimt Boutique! I’m also a full time Stay At Home Mom, school volunteer and a Life & Style blogger by hobby.  I have a knack for fashion and a love of helping others to unlock the Power of Style and to learn to use clothing as a tool to elevate mood and confidence! I enjoy working with people who HATE SHOPPING or who aren’t “into clothes”. You just need me by your side, showing you how to do it!

Ginger & Zimt Boutique is an in-home & online Pop-Up Boutique.  I offer FUN, extremely comfortable, easy to wear, women’s clothing by a brand called LuLaRoe!  I carry sizes XXS-3XL in a vast array of styles, colors and prints to choose from (Dresses, skirts, tops, kimonos, sweaters &, leggings).

EVERY item LuLaRoe designs is a limited edition print – That’s what makes it so FUN and so unique! But please understand, I have ZERO control over what prints or colors I receive in my inventory!  I only control the styles and sizes I carry.  So, once a particular item in my boutique is gone, it IS GONE!  If you find something you love, you should grab it while you can because I cannot guarantee I will ever have it again!

There are a few ways to shop with me:

1) Shop Online from the comfort and convenience of wherever you are!  

Before making your FIRST purchase with my boutique, you will need to visit this secure link to fill out my Customer Registration form.   I will then be able to send you an invoice via e-mail when you make your purchases.  All transactions are fully secure and are done through LuLaRoe.

Shopping at Ginger & Zimt Boutique is a bit different from shopping a traditional online store. My goal as a boutique owner is to have a personal connection with all of my customers and therefore you will not find a shopping cart on this site!  Think of this more as an interactive inventory album, where you may browse through pictures and ask questions or claim items in the comments section below each picture; I will reply to your questions ASAP!  If you would like to purchase an item, please comment “Sold” in the comments section below your desired item and I will reply ASAP to confirm all the details. Be sure you have filled out the above customer registration form, and your invoice will be emailed to you.  Invoices must be paid within 24 hours (unless you have made other arrangements with me) or your claimed item will go back to being available to other customers.  

Another way to shop with me online is by following my business page on Facebook @LuLaRoeGingerZimtbaum.  I regularly post outfit styling ideas, and all my newest inventory is shown there in live video before I photograph it and post it into the albums here.

2) Book a Personal Shopping & Styling Appointment!  We can do this online through video, or, at my in-home boutique in the Portland, Oregon area. This allows me to work 1 on 1 with my clients and provide them with the best customer service possible!  We can find the styles and sizes that work best for you and mix and match outfits or create a mini capsule wardrobe.  If you would like to set up a Personal Shopping or Styling Appointment simply contact me through any of my contacts listed below!

Thank you for stopping by to check out GingerAndZimt.Boutique! =o)

Contact Info:

This boutique is a spin-off of my personal blog found at GingerAndZimt.com.

E-mail:  GingerAndZimt@Gmail.com

FB Messenger: @LuLaRoeGingerZimtbaum

Text & Voice Mail: 503-683-3069

@LuLaRoeGingerZimtbaum (my Boutique’s Facebook & Instagram)
@GingerAndZimt (my blog’s Instagram & Facebook)